·  Provide the name and location of the organization, a brief description of how

·  Provide the name and location of the organization, a brief description of how the organization creates value, and a briefexplanation (couple of sentences) of the goods and/or services it provides. Choose the same organization as you did for homework two.  You may copy and paste this, but do not include it in the word count. 
·  What is the organization’s level of technical complexity?  Does the organization use a small-batch, mass production, or continuous process technology? (p. 244-248)
·  Use the concepts of task variability and task analyzability to describe the complexity of your organization’s activities.  Which of the four types of technology identified by Parow does your organization use?  (p. 452)
·  What forms of task interdependence between people and departments characterize your organization’s work process?  Which of the three types of technology identified by Thompson does your organization use?  (p. 255-260) 
·  The analysis you’ve done so far might lead you to expect your company to operate with a particular kind of structure.  What kind?  To what extent does your organization’s structure seem to fit with the characteristics of the organization’s technology?  For example, is the structure organic or mechanistic?
·  Do you think your organization is operating technology effectively?  Do you see any ways in which it could improve its technical efficiency, innovativeness, or ability to respond to customers?
·  Provide a word count.  The approximate word count for A-grade work is 1000 words.