1. Discuss each of the issues are you have personally experienced them focusing

1. Discuss each of the issues are you have personally experienced them focusing on a specific moment: when you were pulled over, an assignment in a high school class, and an especially difficult day parenting in these days of co-vid/work/school. (You can discuss watching parents, or watching a moment with a teacher. If you have never spoken to a police officer, you can include a real moment from TV [not a fictional story]).
2. Discuss each of the issues from a moment you have seen of television: i.e. the day you first saw what happened with Mr. Floyd, a statement Betsy DeVoss has made about public school, a parent writing about how hard it is to parent these days. If you write based on what you seen and read, make sure to cite (using MLA) where you got you information, where you saw the video, where you read the blog, etc.
3. The big thing is to be as specific as possible – tell stories that take place in a specific moment. Don’t tell us what would happen (as in day in day out) tell us what did happen on a specific day. Include sensory details – sight, smell, taste, sound, touch. Use the sources from the class! This is a major part of the grade as is your use of MLA.
4. In general, you want to make statement about your wishes for improvements in these areas; having said that, you do not have to make a political statement. This can be a completely personal essay in which you are simply sharing your experiences with the world so that the world might really know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Avoid being combative or strident in your essay. Tempered anger can be useful but yelling on paper isn’t. Imagine that you are talking to someone who wants to hear your experiences and is an interested and curious reader.