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a) What is a transceiver? 
b) Is wireless radio transmission usually described in terms of wavelength or frequency? 
c) What is a hertz? 
d) At what range of frequencies do most wireless systems operate?
a) Distinguish between omnidirectional and dish antennas in terms of operation. 
b) Under what circumstances would you use an omnidirectional antenna?
c) Under what circumstances would you use a dish antenna? 
d) What type of antenna is used in WLANs? Why?
a) Distinguish among the frequency spectrum, service bands, and channels. 
b) In radio, how can you send multiple signals without the signals interfering with one another?
c) How many channels are there in the FM band? (You can compute this from information in the text). 
d) Are the set of frequencies used for police communication in a city channels or a service band? Explain.
e) An FM radio station is called Moldy Oldies 101.1. Is this channel or a service band?
f) Wi-fi operates in the 2.4 GHz_and the 5 GHz_.
a) What do physical layer standards govern?
b) What do data link layer standards govern? For the following lettered questions parts, say whether the concept is a Layer 1 concern or a Layer 2 concern. Explain your reasoning.
c) Multipath interference.
d) Media Access Control.
e) MIMO.
f) Converting between 802.11 frames and 802.3 frames.
g) Wireless propagation problems.
h) Roaming.
i) 802.11ac.
6-4. You have been using your phone and your school’s Wi-Fi network to access hosts on the Internet. Suddenly, you cannot reach Internet hosts. Create a two-column table. 
a) In the first column, create a list of possible causes.
b) In the second column, describes how you would test each one. (You may not be able to test them all.)


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