All kinds of texts may be used in the college classroom. You may be asked to wr

All kinds of texts may be used in the college classroom. You may be asked to write an analysis of a document, a song, a painting, a story, scientific data, or even a short story. Analyzing takes time! The essay should tell the reader something interesting or something they may not have noticed on a first reading/viewing. For this essay, please write 4-5 pages on a chosen text, such as a magazine or newspaper article, a blog, a website, an advertisement, a political document, a story/poem, a painting, a song, a music video, a scene in a film, or even a textbook. Consider what the chosen piece is saying, but also how it is saying it. Spend time reading and looking for a topic. Choose something that is interesting and relevant within the text to discuss. Think small, not big. Some topics may not be suitable for this assignment. In short, “when you are analyzing a text, you are basically arguing that the text should be read in a certain way” (75).Furthermore, this essay requires at least four resources. Thus, a Works Cited page must be provided as well (not included in the 4-5 page minimum).Every text has a message. What is the message? How is that message conveyed to the reader? Why is it interesting? What makes the text good or worthwhile? Explain your viewpoint in your thesis. *Your essay topic must be approved by the instructor.Things to consider:-Your essay must include a brief summary of the text—perhaps in the introduction. -Please contextualize the chosen piece a bit.-Make your interpretation or judgment of the text known in your thesis—it must be analytical.-Use examples from the text to support your views, reasons, and judgments.-3rd person; present tenseNote: Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at different kinds of texts as well as discussing the research process.