ART 110 This course has introduced you to the ways in which we can discuss and a

ART 110
This course has introduced you to the ways in which we can discuss and analyze artworks, using elements of form and principles of organization. You also have been introduced to the various media used to make art: drawing (ink, pencil, pastels, etc.) painting (oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc.); sculpture (wood, stone, metal, etc.), printmaking (engraving, lithography, etc.), photography, ritual arts, and so forth. Our past gallery review has asked you to consider an exhibition space; I’d now like you to consider an individual artwork, one that may capture your attention if you were to actually visit a museum or gallery.
In your review, please state the name of the artist, the title of the work, and the date it was produced (if known). Mention the type(s) of media which used in the artwork; be as specific as possible (in other words: not just “painting”, but “oil on canvas”; review parts 3 and 4 of the textbook to help you identify media), and the museum/gallery where this artwork is located. I also encourage you to include either a hyperlink to the artwork, and/or a pasted photo of the artwork.
In the second paragraph, analyze the artwork, describing what you see to the reader. Discuss the subject matter/content of the work (if the artwork is non-objective/non-representational, then state this). Then thoroughly describe the composition. Discuss specifically how the elements of art and principles of organization are used in the artwork; apply the terms we’ve learned to details within the object. Consider how the visual elements and principles of design work together to create a cohesive visual “whole” within the artwork. Also discuss the artistic style, craftsmanship, and context. Again: be sure to correctly use and apply the terminology we’ve learned in this course (particularly in Chapters 4 and 5).
Please do not cut-and-paste information from the websites, nor piece together sentences from review to review. This is considered plagiarism, a serious academic offense, and you will automatically receive a zero. Again, I want YOUR observations on the artwork.