ASSIGNMENT: Step One: Select two passages from any of the texts (it can be two f

Step One: Select two passages from any of the texts (it can be two from the same text) you have read so far. Your analysis must also explain how the passage (and overall text) reflects the characteristics of the Romantic or Victorian period. It may be a passage that seems to raise a question, or seems intentionally ambiguous and open to interpretation. In that case, explain why you believe it was written in that way. So, why is it open to interpretation? Etc.
If the passage is from a poem, it should not be longer than 6-8 lines. If you are citing prose, it should not be more than a short paragraph. Rule of thumb dictates the length of your analysis should match the length of the passage AND MORE.
Step Two: Write a thesis statement. The thesis statement will help you focus your analysis. State the author, title of the text, and what themes, meaning, etc., reflect the Romantic or Victorian period.
Analysis: You may find it helpful to analyze the text through the examination of an image, a motif, a character, the language, to pinpoint its meaning. Be sure to provide context for the passage without doing a summary on the entire text. As part of your analysis, draw from other parts of the text as evidence to support your perspective. Be sure to cite correctly using MLA format.
• Length—approximately of 3-4 FULL pages in essay format
• Format– 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced.
• Follow MLA format.
• Work(s) Cited page
• Any attempts to plagiarize will receive the penalty of an “F” for the grade. I will not accept a rewrite.