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Below is a Wikipedia table of the 20 fastest runners recorded for the 5000 meter race. The rank, time, runner’s name and country, date of race, and venue of race are given. Use this information to answer the questions which follow.112:35.36 Joshua Cheptegei (UGA)14 August 2020Monaco212:37.35 Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)31 May 2004Hengelo312:39.36 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)13 June 1998Helsinki412:39.74 Daniel Komen (KEN)22 August 1997Brussels512:43.02 Selemon Barega (ETH)31 August 2018Brussels612:45.82 Hagos Gebrhiwet (ETH)31 August 2018Brussels712:46.53 Eliud Kipchoge (KEN)2 July 2004Rome812:46.79 Yomif Kejelcha (ETH)31 August 2018Brussels912:46.81 Dejen Gebremeskel (ETH)6 July 2012Saint-Denis1012:47.04 Sileshi Sihine (ETH)2 July 2004Rome1112:47.20 Mohammed Ahmed (CAN)10 July 2020Portland1212:48.63 Jacob Kiplimo (UGA)8 September 2020Ostrava1312:48.64 Isaiah Kiplangat Koech (KEN)6 July 2012Saint-Denis1412:48.66 Isaac Songok (KEN)18 August 2006Zürich1512:48.77 Yenew Alamirew (ETH)6 July 2012Saint-Denis1612:48.81 Stephen Cherono (KEN)12 June 2003Ostrava1712:49.04 Thomas Pkemei Longosiwa (KEN)6 July 2012Saint-Denis1812:49.28 Brahim Lahlafi (MAR)25 August 2000Brussels1912:49.50 John Kipkoech (KEN)6 July 2012Saint-Denis2012:49.71 Mohammed Mourhit (BEL)25 August 2000Brussels1.If I randomly select a runner from the list above, what is the probability that runner is from Kenya?Select one:a. .40b. .25c. .20d. .35e. .302.What is the probability that the race was run in Brussels?Select one:a. .25b. .55c. .35d. .30e. .403. If the probability of a runner being from Kenya and the race venue being Brussels are independent, what is the probability that I would randomly select a Kenyan runner whose race was run in Brussels?Select one:a. .050b. .105c. .200d. .100e. .0004.What is the actual probability of being a Kenyan runner at the Brussels venue?Select one:a. .10b. .20c. .05d. .00e. .155.The actual probability of “Kenya” and “Brussels” being coincident is much lower than we’d expect if the two events were independent: .30∗.35=.105.30∗.35=.105. This difference implies that the two events are not independent. I want you to think about characteristics of college students. What characteristic do you think might be independent of their completing their bachelors degree? What characteristic do you think might not be independent of their completing their bachelors degree?


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