Brochure Design ConsiderationAs you develop your Patient Education Brochure, you

Brochure Design ConsiderationAs you develop your Patient Education Brochure, you must also apply the design techniques learned for create professional, high-quality brochures. The design elements you must consider, include:
Fonts: Consider why you selected the fonts that you did. How do they represent the information?
Colors: consider why you chose the colors that you did? How do they represent the information?
Positioning: In general, consider why you placed the elements in the locations that you did. How do they help the reader understand the information? How do they reinforce the important information? 
Proximity: Examine which items are in close proximity and which are not and why. How does proximity help the reader understand the content? 
Repetition: Examine any repetition that you used throughout the pieces and why.
Contrast: Consider any contrast you used in the pieces and why. How does contrast help the reader understand the content?
Graphic Sources: Be sure you are NOT using graphics that are copyrighted
Helpful Hints!
Get ideas! Look for Patient Education Brochures in the real world (including online) for inspiration.
Create professional, eye-catching, engaging pieces. 
Choose fonts, colors, sizes, etc. that effectively represent this information and the Johnson Medical Clinic! As you choose your colors, fonts, sizes, think about why you are choosing those items because you get points based on them.
Organize the material however you feel is best. Consider what information should be listed first, last, etc. Rearrange it as needed. Decide what information should be next to each other (proximity) and what information should not be together. 
Decide what is most important to include on the brochure. Some information might not be important, and does not need to be included if there is not room. 
Remember your purpose is to get people to pick-up the brochure and read the information. Make it engaging and interesting so they will want to read it. Add image(s) that are relevant to this topic.
Use free image sources. You may choose to use graphics from or (if they are CC0 – public domain images), Creative Commons, or use/create your own images using shapes, lines, etc. Be sure to keep track of the link of where you find the images as well as any credit information because you will need to list this. For Creative Commons, choose graphics without restrictions for commercial use. Be absolutely sure you are not using copyrighted images! If you do, you will receive a 0 on the project. You do not need to purchase anything for this project.
Check your work. Your clinic won’t be happy if you have an incorrect phone number or email address. Check everything.
Save your file and submit them to Blackboard.
The Johnson Medical Clinic would like to expand its use of patient education brochures. At this time, the clinic would like to add brochures on the following topics:
How to manage type 2 diabetes
Information about osteoporosis
Information about IBS
How to manage fibromyalgia
Information about urinary incontinence
How to manage hypertension
Dr. Justin Case has requested that you select one (1) of the above-listed topics and create a patient education brochure on the topic. Keep in mind that your audience is patients, not healthcare providers, and your brochure should be written from the perspective of the patient. Also, be sure to cite your source(s) on the brochure.