Can you help me understand this Philosophy question?SIMULATION BY NICK BOSTROMAR

Can you help me understand this Philosophy question?SIMULATION BY NICK BOSTROMARE
posthumans developed and were interested in creating “ancestor simulations,”
Bostrom argues that the number of simulated conscious beings would be vastly
greater than the number of unstimulated conscious beings.True
or FalseBostrom
argues that if nobody can be sure that they are the base level of reality, then
everyone would have to have to consider that something like traditional
religious accounts of rewards or punishment in an afterlife would be a real
possibility, as they might be simulations and their simulators might reward or
punish good or bad behavior. True
or FalseSimulated
conscious beings would have to have the same kinds of sensory experiences that
unstimulated conscious beings would have.TRUE
conscious beings in some sense construct their reality out of the sense data
they receive and the way their minds perceive that data, then simulated worlds
that include conscious beings would be real in a non-trivial sense.True
or FalseBostrom
argues that in order to simulate conscious beings,” posthumans” would
need to create a planet-sized computer for each conscious simulated individual.True
or FalseThe
laws of nature in s simulation need not be the same as those in unsimulated
OR FALSE Suppose
both (1) we are not currently living in a simulation, and (2) beings capable of
running ancestor simulations with conscious. Als would make many such
simulations. according to Bostrom, if both were true, then the probability of
humanity surviving long enough to develop most of the technology that physical
laws and material and energy constraints would allow, is next to zeroTrue
or False Bostrom concludes that posthumans will most likely develop and almost surely
run enormous numbers of ancestor simulations, and so we are almost certainly
living in simulationsTrue
or falseBostrom
defines*Posthumans society* as societies that will develop after the extinction
of humanity.True
or falseBostrom
assumes that it’s possible that conscious mental states could exit outside of
biological organisms.True
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