Can you help me understand this Writing question?I don’t understand this Writing

Can you help me understand this Writing question?I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.Write a 1000-word argumentative essay about one of the documentaries listed below.Citizenfour (on YouTube:
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (on YouTube: )
Capital in the Twenty-First Century (on Netflix)
The essay should include a thesis that indicates your argument, answering these questions: Do you consider this a good documentary, a bad one, or good in some ways and bad in others? Why do you think so? Provide reasons for your position.This essay is your own analysis. Beyond the course lectures and the course textbook, no further research is required and should be kept to a minimum.However, the essay should provide evidence from the documentary, the textbook, or the lectures in the form of quotations, summary or paraphrase. Be sure to provide citations throughout your essay as well as a Works Cited page The essay should generally conform to MLA format.Please submit your file as a PDF.~Grading criteria are listed below, in order of importance.1. Analysisa.The essay provides a discussion that is thoughtful and original.b.The essay demonstrates knowledge of the course material so far.c.The essay answers the assigned question(s).2. Writing Qualitya.The writing is clear, direct and grammatically correct.b.The essay is within 10% of the assigned word count.3. Thesis/Organizationa.The essay includes a thesis that is arguable, specific, and that previews its points. (See the Power Points for more information on thesis statements).b.The essay is organized in a clear and readable way, following from its thesis.4. Evidencea.The essay provides evidence for its points in the form of quotations, summary, or paraphrase from sources.5. Formattinga.The essay conforms to MLA style; it has an appropriate title, includes student identifying information, is double-spaced, is in 12-point font, has page numbers, provides in-text citations, and contains a Works Cited page.Requirements: 1000 words | .doc file
Requirements: 1000+ words, MLA