Case Study: The current case study involves a child with significant emotional i

Case Study: The current case study involves a child with significant emotional issues who is 10 years old and from a middle-class socioeconomic status background. The child has a 9 year old sister and 16 year old sister who also may have emotional issues. The family of 5 all live together in a small single-family home where domestic violence is present amongst the married parents. A parenting action plan will be developed to address the child’s problems with dealing with their emotions. I will discuss the case in the context of home and school (i.e. sites of impact), providing solutions that may include a home plan to address the domestic violence as well as special programs in school and community supports (i.e. potential solutions). Using scholarly and credible information, write an essay that summarizes what the social science literature says about the Emotional Impact of Domestic Violence on Children. Essay should be about 1500 words and follow APA style (7th edition). Be sure to use in-text citations and include a reference list. Essay should be written in your own words and you should always cite any ideas that come from another source. Do not use quotations or copy verbatim from another author. Essay will be graded according to the following components: • Statement of the Problem: A statement of the key issues that must be explored in order to resolve your case study. • Incorporation of research ?ndings from at least 10 credible sources published within the past 10 years. These ?ndings will be used to support a parenting action plan. At least 5 of these sources must be scholarly. At least 3 of the sources must have been published within the last 2 years. • Correct use of in-text citations and reference list (using APA 7 edition). • Use of APA 7 edition format (1” margins, standard font, double spacing, page numbers, etc.). • Demonstration of strong writing skills.