Consider the chapters 1 & 2 readings; write and post an approximately 350-word r

Consider the chapters 1 & 2 readings; write and post an approximately 350-word response about an aspect of the readings that you don’t understand, or something that jars you; formulate an insightful question or two about the reading and then attempt to answer your own questions; and respond to another student’s post (about 100-word), building upon it, disagreeing with it, or re-thinking it. In any case, strive for thoughtfulness and nuance.
Respond this:
One aspect of chapter 1 is section 1.2 which is the history of the universe. Upon reading it, I got a bit confused as to how exactly the universe started. I always wondered as to how the universe and the whole notion of the big bang exactly started. I have read somewhere that a prior universe somehow “died” and thus created the bing bang from that universe’s “remains”, so in a way, I find it similar to how a phoenix dies and reborns. So, if the idea that the universe never ends, so why did the universe was created and what was before the big bang? Was there nothing? And who made the universe so that it created itself? I think that prior to the big bang, I believe that there was nothing or some form of life, like atoms, in order to create the current universe. I wondered what triggered the atoms to create the universe. I like to believe that the atom was heated to a degree where it triggered itself to create the universe.
Although upon further research, I’ve read that the entire universe is expanding, I also read that it may one day billions into the future, it may collapse or shrink. If that happens, will a new universe be created? If it does, does it mean a new type of life? I think that maybe that the current universe as we know it may shrink and thus create a new big bang and it will create a new universe thus creating new life, like a cycle. After billions of years, the new universe may “die” and a new universe will be created. And I think for every new universe may mean a new type of life being born. I am not sure if humans will continue like we are now but maybe they do but with some new features.
I assume that the universe is like the phoenix, it dies and then it reborns again to a new life. It is a cycle that the universe may have. And the remaining gases and everything else the universe leaves behind may be used to create new life.
TextThe Cosmic Perspective Fundamentals, 3rdEdition