DEN 206 LECTURE PROCEDURE MANUAL ASSIGNMENT (20% DEN 206 grade) Please create a

DEN 206 LECTURE PROCEDURE MANUAL ASSIGNMENT (20% DEN 206 grade) Please create a manual that can be used in a dental office by the dental assistant. Please be creative, use pictures and be clear on use and instructions. Create this manual as if it were for a new hire dental assistant with limited knowledge or experience with similar cements but different brand names. For all parts, please reference brands we have in our lab and use Benco, Patterson and/or Henry Schein manual for material/cost comparisons. PART I: DENTAL CEMENTS Cement/Name Brand UsesMixing Times/Step by Step InstructionsCostPros/Cons of eachOther brand name products of each cement/cost comparison (don’t forget to compare $ and volume or ounces)PART II: Irreversible Hydrocolloid Impression MaterialsoList all materials needed to take an alginate impression.oInclude a step by step guide to properly mix and take alginate impressions. Be specific. oPros/Cons of alginate impressions oFast set/regular setoCostoOther brands/cost comparisonPART III: Elastomeric Impression MaterialsoPick 2 of these- Polyvinylsiloxane, polyether, polysulfide, siliconeoExplain why you chose these 2 materials.oUses/instructions for each (including technique and supplies) oPros/cons of eachoCost of each productoOther brand name products/cost comparisonPART IV: Dental Stones Step by step guide on how to mix dental stone (including water/powder ratio, vibrator, etc.)Uses for dental stone modelsCompare stone to plaster- cost and effectivenessOther brands/Cost comparison