Discussion Prompt: Watch the visual thinking strategies video at: http://vimeo.c

Discussion Prompt: Watch the visual thinking strategies video at: “We need people with skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving. We need people who can communicate. We need to enhance the richness and diversity of the workforce, and we need people with the confidence to face the future.” (Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Introduction –
Apply the ideas demonstrated in the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) video and plan a discussion on a work of art for your students. Select one piece of great art created by a famous artist. Describe the artist, the artistic style, and the time period. Insert the art image into your discussion along with the URL (as a hot link opening in new window). See Google Slides presentation on Multimedia and Media Arts above.
What would you want the children to know about the artist’s life? Explain how you would use that work of art to teach children about the elements of art – line, shape, color, value, space, texture, or pattern. What is the historical or cultural significance of this work and how might you correlate the study of this work with social studies, science, math, literature, music, dance, etc? What vocabulary should the students understand when discussing this work of art?
How would you form a discussion about this work of art you have chosen? Go beyond the beginning questions posed (what is it? what does it mean? what is its value? what does it do?). How can you encourage your students to think critically about this work of art? What aesthetic question might you pose about this work of art? How will you encourage discussion about art throughout history in your classroom? How will you address the California Standards for Visual Arts on “Responding” to art? See the pdf on “Aesthetics” in the readings/preparation folder or download here Please see attachment