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Discussion Topic 2:Derrick
buys a CD, but after listening to it, decides he doesn’t like the
music. May he legally sell the CD to someone else? If he thinks his
cousin would enjoy the music, may he legally copy the CD for her (at no
cost)? Would it make any difference if Derrick had a digital file
instead of on a CD?Also response each posted down belowPosted 1As
per the copyright law’s first sale doctrine, Derrick purchased a CD and
now owns one physical copy of the copyright owners’ work. The CD is now
Derrick’s personal property and he may choose to keep it, sell it, or
give it away. Derrick may not legally make a copy of the CD for his
cousin free or at a cost. If Derrick purchased a digital download of the
CD, Derrick may download the CD on multiple personal devices that share
his account (e.g. his iPod and phone). He cannot legally share or sell
that download to others. Can
Derrick play the CD that he owns at the coffee shop where he works? I
did some research and I found out legally he cannot. The coffee shop is
open to the public and that makes the playing of the CD a public
performance. Derrick or the coffee shop will have to obtain public
performance rights from a performing rights organization to play the
CD. If Derrick wanted to play the CD in the breakroom during his lunch,
he would not need to obtain public performance rights.Langvardt, A. W., Barnes, A. J., Prenkert, J. D., McCrory, M. A., & Perry, J. E. (2019). Business Law: The ethical, global, and e-commerce environment. New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.Posted 2Derrick can sell the CD that he bought to whoever he wishes because it
is his own property after he purchased it. He may not copy the CD and
sell that to his cousin. That would be illegally making another version
of the original CD. That is basically the same thing as illegally
downloading the songs from a site and putting them on an ipod, MP3, etc.
(think LimeWire). When purchasing the CD, Derrick owns the rights to
that CD and that CD only. He does not own the songs that are on the CD.
Copying a digital file is, essentially, the same thing as copying a CD.
Even though there isn’t a hard copy, Derrick still only “owns” the one
copy of the digital file.


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