For the LinkedIn Learning assignments, you will need to browse through the video

For the LinkedIn Learning assignments, you will need to browse through the videos on the LinkedIn Learning platform.  (Links to an external site.)
Some videos for you to chose from or you can pick your own that aligns with the concepts from chapters 9-12:
1. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
2. Motivating and Engaging Employees
Then, you will select one video that reflects concepts or topics from chapters 9, 10, 11, or 12 to reflect upon and answer the following questions below:
Title of the video selected.
Think about your current job (or past) and describe a situation that is similar to the topic or topics of
the videos you have watched.
– What was the situation?
– How did you handle yourself in that situation or how did your supervisor/manager handle the
– What if anything would you have done differently? Why or Why not?
3. Remember to reference what you saw in the video and not just tell you story.  So you need to pull concepts from the video and tie it to your experience.
Journal Entry Guidelines:
Maximum of 500-600 words (about 1-page). Please do not go over.
Times New Roman
Proper APA citation as shown below
How to cite LinkedIn Learning video:
Person or group who uploaded video. (Date of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL
Andreatta, B. (2020, July 14).  Leadership skills for the future [Video]. LinkedIn Learning. (Links to an external site.)u=42567804
NOTE – The first line is NOT indented, but the second and third lines are indented.  This is not shown here because I couldn’t indent the lines.