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For this assignment, you are to select a movie (or episode of a television program) that explores the issue of disability and/or one or more of the main characters has a disability. I have selected an episode from the TV program What Would You Do? on children with autism. You can find the clip here: The following is the project requirement: This assignment aims to allow you to explore the different beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes related to disability and their influence in cultural representations of disability. This assignment should include: A very concise overview of the film’s plot about the character(s) with a disability. An overall assessment of the movie’s approach to disability supported with specific examples and references to the literature. For this part, you will identify one specific aspect of the film that you want to discuss. A short discussion of how the specific film can be used to raise awareness about representations of disability (positive and negative) and issues of inclusion and exclusion. For this part of the assignment, you will need to identify your potential audience, e.g. teachers, (primary/secondary) students, and/or parents. The assignment aims to explore the messages that the selected film (or the episode of a television program) gives about disability. This assignment isn’t about whether the representation is ‘accurate’ and it is not about providing a ‘diagnosis’. Considering dominant stereotypes about disability and the following questions may assist you in developing the assignment: Does the portrayal patronise people with disability? (e.g., the object of pity or of ‘superhuman’ attributes despite their disability) Does the portrayal victimise people with disability? (e.g., helpless) Does the portrayal demonise people with disability? (e.g., villain) Does the portrayal normalise people with disability? (e.g., leading ordinary lives) (Adapted from Arts Access Australia (Links to an external site.)) The review should demonstrate how you viewed the film through your readings, rather than merely describing the film or reporting from the literature. To achieve this, you need to show depth in your engagement with the film. In preparing for the assignment, a Padlet will be used to post about your selected film and the aspect about representations of disability that you plan to discuss. This summary information will provide an opportunity to share information about the selected films amongst the group and to receive feedback from the instructor, before the submission of the final paper. Assessment criteria: The Film review and critique assignment will be assessed on the extent that it addresses the following criteria: 1. It provides evidence of critical engagement with the selected film; 2. It uses the literature on cultural understandings and representations of disability to conduct a critical analysis with a clear focus, demonstrating a personal perspective; 3. It provides a rationale for utilising the selected film to educate and raise awareness about disability and inclusion; 4. It is well structured and written, within the word limit, and adhering to APA publication standards


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