For this project you are free to utilize any research information you would like

For this project you are free to utilize any research information you would like. There are
many articles online. I have included one article for your use. Also see other resources:
Canyon has a long history of making all sorts of bikes. This is a concept car for Canyon.
As the marketing team for this project you will be developing the target market and
marketing mix strategies for the four product life phases (introduction, growth, maturity
and decline) for the Canyon. For your project assume that Canyon has approved the
concept for manufacture. It is now ready for distribution nationally in the US.
Canyon has hired your company to develop the plan for the US market. Your company is
responsible for the marketing of the product. You are not part of Canyon and are only
concerned about the US market. Your project will present your strategies for the four
phases of the product lifecycle from introduction to decline in this paper.
Points to Consider:
I. This is a business paper: no longer than 10 pages, typewritten, double- spaced.
II. Please refer to the Group Project Rubric for the format required for this assignment.
Headings and subheadings for every section must be used in writing your report.
Any reference cited must be footnoted. Exhibits (surveys, package design,
advertising, etc.) must be included at the end of the paper, in addition to the 10
pages. You may include as many Exhibit pages as you would like. Please use spell
check and proof read your paper. This paper must be written in standard business
format. That means no use of personal pronouns, I, we, our, etc.
III. This is designed to be an integrative, creative application project, NOT a research
paper. Time should be spent integrating all the concepts discussed in class to
make logical decisions. I look forward to reading interesting and integrative