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Fragments, Comma Splices, and Run-Ons 4DIRECTIONS: Next to the number, label the sentences below as a fragment (F),comma splice (CS), run-on (R-O), or sentence (S).___1. The man who was wearing the red swim suit and playing volleyball on the beach.___2. Although the rains had been pouring for weeks, Alex scheduled the picnic for Saturday.___3. Daphne studied all week for her semester exam but she barely passed the test.___4. Consequently, the suspected terrorists who have been detained in U.S. territorial jails.___5. Justin, who drove a Ford, won the race hence he warranted the championship bonus.___6. The professor will set a new exam date, provided that students concur.___7. The patient headed to the dentist’s office she hoped the extraction would be painless.___8. Being the top-rated tennis player and the youngest to ever enter the tournament.___9. She trained vigorously, however, she did not increase her batting skill.___10. The child’s violin talent was amazing indeed; the audience gave him a standing ovation.___11. The newly decorated room sparkling with freshly painted walls and new window treatments.___12. Kate Chopin’s skill with unexpected endings sharpened; after she read Guy de Maupassant.___13. One advent of the impressionist movement in the late 19th century was pointillism.___14. Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, furthermore, its gigantic fireplace warming returning skiers.___15. Place the waxed paper strips around the edge of the cake, the strips keep icing off the plate.___16. I love fresh salad vegetables, but I dislike most cooked vegetables, especially creamed peas.___17. Lightning struck the aged eucalyptus, accordingly, the tree had to be removed.___18. Furthermore, the lightning traveled into the home’s electrical circuitry, all went dark.___19. Friends and relatives congregated at the Smith home, finally, the wedding date had arrived.___20. Three mangos, sugar, and a few spices such as ginger and cardamom, all for a zesty jam.2


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