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Please answer the following questons based on the short story:
1. What is the significance of the rain in the story?
2. Identify what the female protagonist is called in the whole story and discuss in what ways this could be significant.
3. Why does the narrator describe the cat as “crouched under one of the dripping green tables”?
4.. Make a comparison between George and the hotel keeper. What is the function of each of these characters in the story?
5. What is the significance of the man in a rubber cape in the story?
6. Identify the horizontal and vertical images in Hemingway’s story and discuss how these images help you to understand the story.
7. What could be the metaphorical value of the maid’s question to the wife: “Ha perduto qualque cosa, Signoria?” (“Have you lost something, Madam?”)
8.Why does the hotel keeper make the American wife “feel very small and at the same time really important”?
9.. Discuss the references to the wife’s hair: Why does George like his wife’s hair “the way it is”? Why does the wife want to “make a big knot at the back”?
10.There are two cats in the story. What does each of them symbolize? Why does the wife want a kitty to sit on her lap and purr?