I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.Mini Case Number 4Sou

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.Mini Case Number 4Source: SAGE Publishing, Human Resources Management People, Data, and Analytics by Bauer, Erdogan, Caughlin, and TruxilloYou are currently working at Meran, Inc., a 2000-employee provider of hardware and parts to the telecommunications industry. Recently, Meran has become aware of the desire for training and development among many of its employees. This awareness has been a result of requests from supervisors and employees both in product development and in manufacturing. In addition, top management has become acutely aware of the fact that Meran seems to provide fewer training opportunities than many of its industry competitors. In addition, the newest talent in the organization has voiced concern that they had been promised significant career development during the recruitment process, including mentoring from more experienced managers.The HR director, Yuxin Zheng, has tasked you with finding a training program or programs that would be most suitable for Meran’s needs. This includes the employees at multiple levels and divisions in the organization, along with multiple skill levels.Although there are multiple indications that the company could use some additional types of training, your inclination is to perform some type of needs assessment to CONFIRM what these needs really are. However, Zheng does not want t do a training needs assessment, suggesting that the organization already knows what is needed. In addition, he is proposing the use of an eLearning vendor, as it would allow the company to deliver a range of content. He argues that eLearning would allow for the delivery of training on mobile devices, something that he believes that the newer, younger employees would prefer over other types of training. You are to create a word document, save it to your computer, then write out each question and each response. Each response should be a minimum of 3 sentences. Up to 75 points will be for content, and up to 25 points will be for spelling/capitalization/grammar/punctuation.1. You know that the ‘right’ thing to do is perform the needs assessment. You need to convince Zhen that it should be done. Write a memo to Zhen (from you) that requests the needs assessment and states why it is needed.2. Do you recommend the use of the eLearning vendor? Why or why not? Be specific in your reasons.3. How would you address the issue that the newer employees want a mentoring program? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?
Requirements: At least 3-5 sentences per question.