I’m working on a music multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.In

I’m working on a music multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.InstructionsIntroductionHello and welcome! These weekly assignments will consist of readings and responses to questions in the textbook, Interactive Listening: A New Approach to Music by Pete Carney and Brian Felix. The textbook can be purchased from the Oakton bookstore. AssessmentUp to 4 points will be awarded for adherence to the instructions and completion by the stated due date on the syllabus.InstructionsComplete the readings and questions/exercises for the sections listed below. Download the attached .docx file and type your answers for each question/exercise listed on the .docx file. There are questions and pages in the textbook that we skip over. You are only required to answer questions/exercises listed for the assignment.You will need to use the internet to research and answer some of the questions. This includes searching on Google or other search engines, as well as using YouTube and other sites to view examples. Spotify may also be useful for listening to musical examples. In answering your questions for this assignment, make sure to explain your answers where appropriate. Once you have finished completing all questions/exercises, save and upload your document as a .docx or .pdf file. Please do not upload .pages files, as they are not supported. For the interactive exercises on pp. 12-13, please listen to Radio Lab’s Musical Language podcast which can be found at: You Listening (pp. 5-6, Questions to Answer 1-13)Why Music? (pp. 6-7, Interactive Exercises 1-5)Music Reconstruction (pp. 8-11, Research Questions 1-14)The Science of Music (pp. 12-13, Interactive Exercises 1-19)Musical Instruments (pp. 14-16, Interactive Exercises 1-6)The Elements of Music (p. 17, Reading Only)Hearing the Form (pp. 20-22, Interactive Exercises 1-12)
Requirements: 2-3 sentences