Improving end-of-life care is a high priority for the American Medical Associati

Improving end-of-life care is a high priority for the American Medical Association and the Institute of Medicine.
A) What do you see as a “good death” and a “bad death”?
B) Define quality at the end of life.
1: in your own words, describe what you consider to be a good and bad death along with defining the quality at the end of life.
2: I am providing and two EXAMPLES below.
3: must be 1-2 paragraphs long
“A. I think “good death” is moving on peacefully, preserving honor, leaving legacy, and “bad death” is just the opposite of those.
B. I think quality at the end of life is a person’s perspective of “completion of life.” Despite having the best relationship with people, a person’s view of his/her life completion is very personal and cannot be defined by anyone else. What is it at the end of their lives that they consider of more important, what is is that they want to achieve before leaving the world, what is it that they regret not being able to accomplish before he can rest peacefully.”
“Part one of the question good death as follows: I see a good death as one that is peaceful for the individual and family. One where it was prepared for in advance for the patients best benefit to healthcare, being able to pass away in comfort best to ones ability. The family was able to say goodbye and handle the hardships to follow in death with some sort of ease. Part two of qestion a bad death as follows: A peson was unable to find help in passing, maybe to a extent in pain that could be avoided by proper preparation of affairs. The family is left with no direction or help that could have been avoided with the right procedures taken place. Peace for the patient and family not met. Quality to me looks to be preparedness for the oncoming patient within the process of dying and for the family. The ability for the tough questions to be asked prior with a healthcare decision maker being assigned or a living will to follow. This way emotions don’t over take smart decisons that one needs to make in these tough sitluations. Unfortunatily the decisions associated within these categories may lead to having a quality death or not along with ones on wishes being followed. Being able to pass within ones wishes should be prevelant for a quality end of life. I hate to say finances but we do understand how this hugh obstabcle should be handled for it not to weigh you left loved ones in debt. “