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In industry, dashboards typically look something like this. What is on it (I really didn’t look too closely) is not as important as the overall concept – the merging of multiple visualizations that are linked together to tell a story. For almost anything you are interested in, you can find a dashboard on the Internet. Take a look at this site about the coronavirus and scroll down until you see the chart. Notice you can click on various items at the top of the chart AND you can select different items (tabs) at the bottom of the chart AND you can select specific countries on the left. is another source:…What do you find here? A blog that discusses trends, patterns and predictions around the Coronavirus. Scroll through and read – think about how this compares to what is in your text in section 4.9.In the next link, the point is that collecting, presenting and extrapolating from data should take place with caution.…With all of the above in mind, here is the assignment:Individual Assignment (Read through completely before you start):1. Select an area of interest to you – it could be anything from sports to cars to fashion trends to education to medical. Pick something you want to explore. Write the topic down. If you have a friend in the class, be sure to pick something different from each other.2. Before you do the next step, think about what you want to know, understand, prove, disprove, examine, explore. What questions do you want to answer about your topic? Write this down in a Word document or Excel. You should have 4-6 items on your list as a minimum. 3. Answer this question – what data do I need (what would the different tables look like?) You should have at least 5 tables. Each table generally represents an entity or thing. Look at the files you’ve been working with in class – pcard has only one table so that is not a good one to look at. We are talking about more tables. Take a look at the KADO file. Even though you haven’t used the file yet, you can see the tables and the fields in each one.4. Where/how would you collect this data? Do some digging on the Internet and include some specific URLs for this one. Do you need to conduct a survey to collect data? If so, what questions do you ask? Who do you ask? If this task is not doable, you might want to revisit the previous steps. As a preview into chapter 5, maybe you can’t find the exact data you need but you can collect the data that can be used to calculate what you need. Include that concept in your list if applicable. 5. Create ON PAPER by hand or with Word or Excel, the design (no actual data) of a dashboard to answer your question. It should look something similar to the first graph at the top of the first page (but by hand). Scan or take a picture of your work. Pdf files work best. I am not asking you to create the actual dashboard. I do not want nor will I accept a PowerBI or Tableau file for this assignment. Do NOT copy and paste something you find from the Internet – create something that will answer the questions above and hopefully questions you didn’t ask in the first step as well! 6. A) Keep in mind that visualizations are not static but are linked. Show/describe that in your work (on the dashboard above if you have space) or in a Word document. B) Think about how you would answer the questions in your first step with what you created. Did your questions change? Did new questions come to you from this activity? Again, you can answer in a Word document.Turn in all steps above. Steps 1-4 and step 6 A and B should be in a Word (or Excel) document. Step 5 (the dashboard) should be a pdf or picture file that I can open on a Windows computer. This is an iterative process. If your work is messy and hand-written, it is okay (as long as I can read it) and preferred. I want you to think through the story a dashboard could tell and how to get there from the beginning step. I am looking for a complete dashboard and not the individual visualizations separated from each other. Think about how the complete dashboard tells the story and links together


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