In this assignment, you will analyze the marketing strategy of the online luggag

In this assignment, you will analyze the marketing strategy of the online luggage retailer Baboon to the Moon ( (Links to an external site.)).
First, provide a brief description of Baboon to the Moon including: 1) where the company’s global headquarters is located 2) whether it is public, private or non-profit and 3) the type of products it offers. (3)
What do you think is the company’s mission statement? Is this a market-oriented mission statement, or a product oriented mission statement? Why? (3)
Using the segmentation methods described in class and in Chapter 7, provide a detailed description of at least 2 consumer segments that Baboon to the Moon is targeting with its current product mix, and how you think they are targeting those segments. Your discussion of target market(s) should incorporate characteristics from more than one method of segmentation (i.e. Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral). (6)
Create your own positioning statement that tells how Baboon to the Moon currently positions their product to their target market(s) and differentiates their brand from competitors. Your positioning statement does not need to be lengthy. In fact, the shorter and to the point it is, the better. Use the positioning statement format described in Chapter 7, and in class. (3)
Provide a description of Baboon to the Moon’s current product mix. How many product lines do they currently sell? What is the price range of each of these product lines? (3)
Describe two competitors to Baboon to the Moon (e.g., who are they, their strengths, descriptions of their products, pricing, etc.) (4)
Imagine that Baboon to the Moon wants to develop its brand with a new product. What new product idea would you recommend for Baboon to the Moon? Why? (5)
Please double space the assignment and use Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1-inch margins.