I’ve included an example that my professor provided my class with. Building on s

I’ve included an example that my professor provided my class with. Building on skills acquired in MCOM 191 Research and Writing for Communications, we will write a hybrid of personal writing and research. THE TOPIC:?Start by picking three topics that define you: subjects you care about; sports or activities you participate in; issues or problems you are confronting. Make a tentative list of topics that come from major activities in your life, which relate to major themes in your life. Eventually, you must be able to state your topic as a “why” question: Why am I an only child? Why do I stutter? Why do I gaze at the stars? Why am I addicted to video games? Why do I enjoy playing poker for money??Important:?As described in class, you may use the topic of your personal essay as a starting point for the topic of the exploratory essay. THE RESEARCH:?You’ll need to read outside sources on your topic — books, stories, essays, articles. The number and length of these will differ from topic to topic.?After?you choose your topic, you can consult with me and Bill Badke about resources and books that might be helpful. In addition, visit the library, consult librarians, search databases available to you through the TWU library.?Important:?You will do much of the research as part of the research exercises assigned by the librarian. THE INTERVIEW:?[this element has been cancelled during the pandemic, but: if it’s safe to do so, you may certainly add interview material] A second part of your research is an interview you’ll conduct with someone else who is interested in the topic you’ve chosen. Preferably, this person should NOT be someone you know well or someone with whom you’ve already spoken on the topic. THE PERSONAL:?Write a scene or two about your personal experience with the topic. As we’ve discussed all year, pay special attention to focused moments and character development. THE ORGANIZATION:?We will explore a number of different organizational strategies. Since we’re using several different writing genres here — interview, written texts, personal story — we’ll work on blending sections where we can and demarcating segments where blending won’t work. Assignment adapted from: O’Connor, John S.?This Time it’s Personal: Teaching Academic Writing through Creative Nonfiction.Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2011. ………………Column Break………………Requirements: 1. At least 1500 words. Preferably no more than 2500, but if you think you’ll go longer, talk to me. 2. Use a standard academic formatting style for citations: APA, MLA or Chicago. Please do the citations properly–you’ll be graded partly on this. 3. Use the course’s standard paper formatting instructions (found?here). 4. As described above, the paper should have 3 components: personal narrative, [at least one interview with someone you do not know well], and researched material from at least 4 different sources (at least 1 of which must be from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal).