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Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982: A Novel By Cho Nam-Joo
This novel is literally hot off the press. It caused a sensation in S Korean when it was first published. You can read an interview with the author and a review of it in the New York Times:
This novel is remarkably different from the last one we read—The Good Son, which is about a young man in Korean society. This time, we examine the expectations of women in S Korean society. A couple of you wrote about women in S Korean in the reports at the beginning of the semester and a number of you have also commented on them, so you will have some background to the issues. If you missed the conversation, do a quick search on recent news on S Korean women. Those of you who are very knowledgeable and keen about S. Korean pop culture (I know there are quite a few of you from your introductions), you can also bring in what you have observed about the image of young Korean woman through the pop cultural representations into the reading of this novel.
This novel is written is a fairly new literary form that we sometimes called Creative Nonfiction. You will notice a substantial number of footnotes provided by the author when she uses statistics and facts to support her narrative. It is a very straight forward kind of writing, and the point she tries to make is very clear.
Please write a minimum of 600 words, touching the following questions. Write a coherent essay that covers the issues raised, as well as bringing in other issues you think is interesting on this topic. Please respond to Four classmates’ work.
1. Why do you think the author, Cho, is so specific about the date of her protagonist, Jiyoung’s birth in the title?
2. Why do you think Cho begins the story from the birth of the protagonist?
3. What are the issues Jiyoung faces at each stage of her life?
4. Are there any underlying issue that underlies Jiyoung’s world that might give rise to the situation in the Good Son? In other words, how do these two novels mirror each other?
please compare the 2 books for the last question
any other questions please contact me
please don’t use too complicated words the professor knows my writing skills are limited. Please keep sentences simple, smart and informal thankyou!


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