Lesson 1 provides a comprehensive body of information about childhood and teen p

Lesson 1 provides a comprehensive body of information about childhood and teen psychopathology as approached by psychologists and other mental health professionals. This assignment requires you to consider the information in each chapter summarized below, and propose a topic for your term paper project. Each chapter highlights the technical, scientific and research-based task before those trying to understand and help children and teens with a special emphasis on psychiatric problems. First, propose a topic consistent with this course. Then, for each of these four chapters discuss the unique kind of information you could obtain when studying your term paper topic and acquiring psychology journal articles. Your proposal should be 5 paragraphs totalling about 300 words in which the first paragraph describes the topic you are interested in exploring and the other four paragraphs should expound on the information included in the four chapters as related to your term paper proposal.
Chapter 1 provides an understanding of the scope of childhood problems grounding this with information on both normal and abnormal functioning historically and within our society. Chapter 2 summarizes the nature-nurture hypotheses in terms of theories and causes. Chapter 3 explains the necessity for scientific evidence for any claims about childhood behavior and psychopathology. Finally, chapter 4 focuses on diagnosis, assessment, prognosis, and treatment information that has emerged in the study of childhood psychopathology.