List of Approved Movies : Ladybird Moonlight Real Women Have Curves To All the B

List of Approved Movies : Ladybird Moonlight Real Women Have Curves To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Everything, Everything Tomboy Diary of Anne Frank Dazed and Confused Love and Basketball Boyhood Thirteen Clueless Mean Girls Juno My Girl My Girl 2 Bend it Like Beckham The Wood Now and Then Dumplin Love, Simon For this assignment you will view and analyze a movie depicting adolescent development, observing the individual physical, cognitive, and social development of the characters and family, peer, and romantic relationship dynamics depicted in the film. The Adolescent Movie Analysis paper will consist of your observations and analysis of the film. Your paper should be in APA format (i.e., title page, reference page, citations and references in APA style) and be 1500-2500 words (i.e., about 5 pages) of text (not including title page or references). An abstract is not necessary. Make sure to link your observations to course content and cite your sources. When including course content, make sure to go beyond just stating what the concept is. Make sure explain why the movie scene is an example of that concept, including explaining what the concept is. Follow the rubric available on Canvas to help maximize your score. Instructions for the Adolescent Movie Analysis Paper **You may need to read ahead in the textbook for information to include that we have not covered yet. Your paper should begin with an introduction to how the film depicted adolescent development and family, peer, and/or romantic relationships. In other words, you should tell the reader what your take-home message will be up front and summarize what you will discuss in your essay. In the body of your paper give at least 1 example of each of the following that you observed in the film: • normative physical development • normative cognitive development • normative social/personality development • the association of relationships (family, peer, and/or romantic) and adolescent development/how relationships change over adolescence • non-normative events and/or cohort effects (i.e., are there events not tied to normative development at are important to the character(s) development and/or relationships? How is the time period in which the film occurs related to development and/or relationships?) • social context – for example, what are important cultural, racial, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc. factors that are related to the character’s experience/development (you do not have to comment on all of these, they are examples). You should describe each of your examples from the film and clearly link them to concepts you learned in class – citing course material such as lecture or the textbook. Quality papers will take this description a step further, making connections across characters, time, and context. Think about whether what you observe in the film is consistent with what we learned in class and the possible reasons for any discrepancies. Note: You may include examples of development from any main character in the film. You do not have to restrict your examples to a single character. Conclude your paper with a brief summary and a take-home message about what can be learned from this film’s depiction of adolescent development.