Need help with my Nursing question – I’m studying for my class.Maria Martinez (M

Need help with my Nursing question – I’m studying for my class.Maria Martinez (M.M.), a 25-year-old Latina mother, arrives at the community hospital’s emergency department with her 3-year-old daughter, Angelica. M.M. speaks broken English, and none of the nurses who speak Spanish are currently on duty.The nurse is able to determine that Angelica has not been eating for the last several days. M.M. says that she has tried to make her daughter drink, but Angelica refuses. On physical examination, Angelica has sluggish skin turgor, is lethargic, and does not communicate with her mother or the nurse. Her vital signs are T 39.6°C (103.3°F), P 125 and irregular, R 30 and shallow, and BP 86/58. Angelica’s throat is reddened, and lung auscultation reveals bilateral fine crackles. When the nurse explains to M.M. that an IV line needs to be placed in Angelica’s arm, M.M. says it can’t be done until her husband arrives. When Mr. M arrives, he also speaks very little English and is skeptical of the need for IV placement. Angelica is diagnosed with dehydration, strep throat, and pneumonia, requiring her to be admitted to the hospital. Only extra material to use is attached:Questions:1. List four or more socioeconomic and cultural assessment data points that would gathered during her admission process.2. List a minimum of four cultural factors, including rationales for each, the nurse should take into consideration while assessing Angelica and planning for her care.3. Identify the most important nursing intervention to be implemented initially, to ensure culturally competent patient-centered care. Describe ways in which the nurse can implement the intervention identified.
Requirements: 2-3 sentence response.