November XX, 20XXDear MAST 1202 Crew:This correspondence is to address the “Lett

November XX, 20XXDear MAST 1202 Crew:This correspondence is to address the “Letter and envelope to the Patient” activity. Listed below are the requirements for the activity as written in a sample letter format.Please select one of the three numbered points to address the patient of the medical facility on the procedure/policy. Write the letter according to the instructions and in full block format. Use appropriate language, GUM, and CUPS throughout. Proofread and double-check MS Word formatting prior to uploading the completed letter.Also, upload an envelope addressed to the same patient. This can be accomplished automatically in Microsoft Word, under Tools, Letters, and Mailings. A proper full block format can be found in the textbook. Utilizing Microsoft Word only, format a business letter utilizing the full block letter style, demonstrating utilization of a template. Address an envelope according to postal OCR guidelines.Thank you, JanetJanet Like Cellitti, BAS, CMA-AC (AAMA)Office ManagerMacomb Community Medical Facility_________________________________________________________________________________ Activity MS Word Formal Business Letter /Envelope Letterhead: Macomb Community Medical Facility (address above in the sample letter.)
Using MS Word ONLY, compose a formal letter, type and proofread
Patient Name: Megan Caldwell
Patient Address: 83 Crestview Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48038
Select on one of the following topics:
Notify the patient of a change in her office appointment.
Respond to the patient’s complaint about her wait time.
Contact the patient to reschedule her missed appointment.
Rubric:Full block format with all letter parts, GUM, CUPS worth 3 points.
Accurate envelope format, positions, GUM, CUPS included worth 3 points.
Body of the letter must be at least 200 words, three different paragraphs, accurate verbiage selection and tone, GUM, CUPS, and sentence structure 4 points.
Proofread the letter and envelope prior to submission for accuracy
There will be TWO uploads: 1. letter 2. envelope
MAERB StandardsV.P.8.Compose professional correspondence utilizing electronic technologyV.C.7Recognize elements of fundamental writing skillsV.C.8Discuss applications of electronic technology in professional communicationRubricPt Letter & EnvelopePt Letter & EnvelopeCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFull block format with all business letter parts3.0 ptsAccurately executed all business letter parts in full block format0.0 ptsEither missing letter parts, full block format, GUM, CUPS errors, or no submission3.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAccurate envelope format with all parts and positions3.0 ptsAccurately executed all envelope positions with zero GUM, CUPS and/or format errors0.0 ptsEither missing envelope positions, and/or format, GUM, CUPS errors, or no submission3.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMinimum 200 words, three paragraphs, sentence structure, GUM, CUPS, and verbiage selection4.0 ptsExecute minimum words, verbiage selection & tone, sentence structure, three paragraphs, with zero GUM or CUPS errors0.0 ptsEither missed word count, three paragraphs, or included GUM, CUP, sentence structure, verbiage selection or tone errors, or missed submission4.0 ptsTotal Points: 10.0PreviousNext