Please follow the directions Plate Tectonics Project Object: Present your knowle

Please follow the directions
Plate Tectonics Project
Object: Present your knowledge of Earth’s plate boundaries and the landforms created by these boundaries.
Choose ONE of the following ways to determine your knowledge:
Create a model, sculpture, or painting. Your artwork must be accompanied by labels of each concept.
Write a poem, song, or rap. DO NOT COPY ONE FROM ONLINE OR YOUTUBE.
Create a children’s book. 
Design an informational website.
Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of your knowledge.
Design a board game. 
Record a video. (Ideas might be to film yourself using props to explain the information.)
Invent your own project idea…but if you choose to do this it must be approved by your teacher.
This assignment is intended to be both fun and educational, and certainly NOT STRESSFUL! First, there is no need to spend money on the project. Use what you have at home. Second, don’t get stuck trying to make your project fit perfectly into one of the options above. The options listed are starting points for the project and are flexible. Third, feel free to take some creative liberties with it. Feel free to do what you need to do to “make it work.” Projects will be graded almost entirely on the inclusion of required information. 
Please use the rubric below to check that your project meets all the requirements.
Concepts that Must Be Included in Your Project
Plate Boundaries
convergent (oceanic/oceanic)
convergent (continental/continental)
convergent (oceanic/continental)
divergent (oceanic)
divergent (continental)
Crust Types
continental                    *** (must include the label “more dense” or “less  
oceanic                               dense”)
Landforms Created by Plate Tectonics
deep ocean trench
mid-ocean ridge
volcano                                *** (must include the direction the plates are 
mountains                                  moving to create them for full credit)
rift valley 
Other Terms:
Seafloor spreading
New crust being formed
Earthquake-prone area
Student demonstrated great effort, paid attention to detail, and pride is shown in their work
Total Points ____/100
No matter what option you choose, ALL of the above topics must be included and there must be a way to identify them in your project. This may be a label, a written or spoken explanation, a caption etc.