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Project Management (BUS375003VA016-1206-001)
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Week 10 
Closing the Project
Welcome to Week 10! This week, you will examine the steps needed to properly close a project, such as completing checklists and finalization of project deliverables and payments, along with securing agreements on future support and relationships. Closing a project usually includes compiling a document of best practices and lessons learned to support and assist future similar projects. You will also become acquainted with the functions and roles of Agile project management used with smaller projects and how it contrasts with the traditional approach to project management. Your final assignment, your project execution, control, and closure proposal, is due at the end of this week.
Log in every day, Monday through Friday, for a new question.
Each question is worth 1 point of extra credit, and gives you a chance to practice material and learn more about the course.
Read the following in Project Management: The Managerial Process:
Chapter 14, “Project Closure.”
Sections 16.1 through 16.3 of Chapter 16, “An Introduction to Agile Project Management.”
View the PowerPoints below (optional). They contain content related to the readings, but you cannot substitute them for the readings.
Chapter 14, Project Closure [PPTX].
Chapter 16, An Introduction to Agile Project Management [PPTX].
Watch the following videos from Section 9: Close a Project of the LinkedIn Learning Project Management Foundations course. They cover how to plan the closing meeting and document that the customer’s expectations have been met. The customer acceptance test demonstrates that deliverables were completed. A lessons learned list documenting what was done right and what should be done better in the future is valuable for future projects of a similar nature, and a close-out report summarizes the project’s success and shortcomings.
Close a Project.
How to Obtain Customer Acceptance.
Document Lessons Learned.
How to Prepare a Close-Out Report.
Watch the following video from Section 3: Agile Management of the LinkedIn Learning Adaptive Project Leadership course. This video clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of an agile project’s product owner, team members, and scrum master.
Agile Project Management.
Note: The videos cover key themes and concepts related to the readings. You cannot substitute the videos for the readings.
We Are Done! Not So Fast!
Click the linked activity title to access this weekly discussion. If you need help completing discussions, watch this video for more information.
Project Execution, Control, and Closure Proposal
This is the final of three assignments that, as a whole, will cover all aspects of the project life cycle relevant to your selected project.
At this point, your project sponsor has approved your project proposal and has asked you to come up with a proposal for the execution, control, and closure for the project.
Write a 4–6 page paper in which you:
Provide a brief summary of your project.
Identify and discuss your project’s greatest challenges (at least three) and provide a recommendation for addressing each of the challenges.
Examine how you manage your project performance via earned value management (EVM).
Identify at least three key EVM metrics you will use for your project.
Discuss your plan to properly close your project when it is over.
Use at least three academic resources for this assignment. Use the Strayer Library to conduct your research. These resources should be related to your chosen project and the content you provide in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality references
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Develop a proposal to communicate project execution, control, and closure strategies to a specified audience.


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