Refer to the case of “Turnround at the Preston plant”, as an Operations Manageme

Refer to the case of “Turnround at the Preston plant”, as an Operations Management expert analyze the business case in the light of the following questions.
What are the most significant events in the story of how the plant survived because of its adoption of quality-based principles?
How did the plant’s processes eventually were brought under control?
How did gaining control of the process help to cut costs; improve their prospects of earning revenue in the future; develop new products; retain their best staff in the future; improve their relationships with suppliers etc. and what will be the strategic consequences of these improvements?
SPC is an operational level technique of ensuring quality conformance. How many of the benefits of bringing the plant under control would you categorize as strategic?
Working individually, prepare a formal report of 1000 words addressing the questions as given at the end of the case study. The report should address ALL the questions raised in the case study in the discussion format. You are expected to present a professional report following the suggested guidelines and format. The objective of this assignment is to enable you to situate yourself in the situation and to present your analysis and recommendations in a report which is convincing, well supported from the literature and within word constraints. Please provide at least eight (8) references, which must have four (4) Journal articles and follow APA referencing style.
Please use appropriate headings and sub-headings where necessary (Do not use Qestion1, Question2, Question3, as headings or marks will be deducted). Please refer to the below given marking criteria as a guide to the content of your report (also refer to Rubric).
Assessment Criteria
Presentation and use of language
Content and organization
Relevance and completeness
Depth of knowledge
Format of the Report
The business report will consist of the following sections:
Title page including group name and the names of the contributing members
Executive summary
Table of contents
Appendices, if any
References (Follow APA reference style)
Please conform to the following:
Use Times New Roman Font size 12 only and 1.5 line spacing.
Executive summary on a separate page.
Table of contents on a separate page.
References to be listed on a separate page after Recommendations.
Use the APA referencing style for in-text references and references list.
Print word count at the end of your assignment (after the Recommendations section).
Number each page consequently.
The file name of your submission should be your Name.