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(ROUGH DRAFT DUE FIRST BY 8PM 11/20/2020 ONLY NEED 1 PAGE FOR DRAFT. NOT REQUIRED BUT IF I GET A ROUGH DRAFT I WILL TIP FOR DRAFT PLUS WHAT YOU WILL BE PAID.This essay focuses on perspective, a particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something; a point of view. In this sense, the essay is asking students to challenge the inherent ways we tend—as a culture, a society, as an individual—to filter meaning through our age, gender, history, socio-economical class, education, etc. In that sense, perspective not only shapes interpretation, but also is about how a particular view is accepted by our culture as important and then normalized. For this essay, it is your job to propose a solution to a current perspective on a social, economic, or political problem or need in our society. Further, this essay must focus on how this problem is currently being addressed through policy or practice. !IMPORTANT! In this unit, students are encouraged to examine and challenge society’s perspectives about particular phenomena and trends happening within our culture in order to understand what they tell us about our society. In that sense, it is important to ask questions such as why is this normal? Where does this come from? And what does this say about our culture?3000 words minimum: The completed essay must have at least 3000 words. Double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font.You must include a Works Cited page. The Works Cited page does not count toward your lengthWorks Cited: This essay will contain a works cited (that will not count towards the page total) that must contain at least 5 credible sources.A credible source is written by an author that is respected in their field of study who is responsible and will cite their sources (their evidence) so that a reader can check for accuracy and validity.
(Checking an author’s evidence is also a good way to gain more sources for your own researchNon-credible sources are unreliable because they do not contain true, factual, accurate, or up to date information. Sources like Wikipedia can never be considered credible because it can be changed by anyone. But it can be utilized as a source when students are beginning to understand a topic.
If unsure, ask questions:Who is the author? What makes them credible? What makes the source credible? When was the material published? What is the purpose of the source? How is the source proved? What type of audience is the source aimed at?
Format: MLA – complete with heading and page numbers The aim: The point of this essay is positive and constructive: it is your goal, then, to enlighten the reader to a particular societal perspective, examining how it impacts us as a culture.This type of argumentation assumes that, in order to get your reader to consider what the essay is saying is plausible, it must present anything about the perspective as if it were meaningful.Hence, argumentation becomes an effort not to defeat an opponent but to bridge differences by finding or creating common ground, create an understanding about why a perspective has been normalized in our culture. The object of the essay is to look closely at the topic in order to discern how and why it functions for and about society. language that is used, the assumptions that are made, and the specific, factual information that is provided. For example, in addition to comparisons between national newspapers like the New York Times or The Washington Post versus Z Magazine or Mother Jones, you may want to compare web-based news sources, like Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (; Common Dreams (; or counterpunch (; versus the Media Research Center ( The Alternative Press Index is a good source for discovering alternative newspapers, magazines, and journals. Consult: for more information.


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