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Shirley Booth is employed as an engineer by DT Developments, a Canadian publicly traded company. In 2020 she received a base salary of $130,000. Shirley had the following amounts withheld from her salary: Federal and provincial income tax 37,390 EI premiums 856 Canada Pension Plan 2,898 Registered Pension Plan 12,150 Long term disability premiums 300 United Way donations 500DT paid the following amounts on Shirley’s behalf: EI Premiums 1,198 Canada Pension Plan 2,898 Registered Pension Plan 12,150 MSP premiums (BC provincial insurance) 900 Long term disability premiums 300Other information related to her employment is as follows:DT provided Shirley with a car to be used in employment activities. During the year she drove a total of 26,000 km, 20,500 of which could be considered work related. The vehicle was available to Shirley for 11 months during the year, the month she didn’t have the car the employer required her to return it so that it could be used by a different employee. DT leases the car for $675 per month. This amount does not include insurance.
DT tries to be very generous with its employees. During the year the company gave Shirley a watch worth $360 for her birthday, a $200 gift certificate to Pottery Barn on her wedding anniversary and a fruit basket worth $100 on St. Bastille Day. The company also paid for a trip to Las Vegas for Shirley and her partner, at a cost of $800, to reward Shirley for receiving the highest performance evaluation of anybody in her department.
In July, DT sent Shirley to Edmonton, Alberta for 9 days to meet with some clients. The company reimbursed her for her air fare but allowed her to choose her own hotel. She was given an allowance of $6,300 for hotels and meals. Her actual costs were $1,100.
Shirley is a member of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME). She pays the annual membership fee of $1,300 herself and is not reimbursed by DT.
DT allows all employees to purchase goods from the company at a 20% discount to market value. Management and professionals, which includes Shirley, are given a further 15%, for a total discount of 35%. During the year Shirley used this discount to purchase goods with a retail value of $10,000 for $6,500, which was not below cost.
Shirley is a member of a local Golf Club, which has an annual membership fee of $2,800. Shirley pays the membership fee herself.
DT provided Shirley with multiple pieces of clothing during the year. In mid January, DT sent Shirley to their facility in northern Alberta. Due to the extreme cold DT provided Shirley with a heavy winter coat with the DT logo emblazoned across the back, worth $500. During the year Shirley made multiple appearances on news shows discussing products manufactured by DT. DT purchased a black suit for her for $1,400
In late October DT paid for Shirley and her partner to attend financial counselling to discuss Shirley’s overspending habits. The cost to the company for all sessions attended was $900.


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