Starting in Lesson 1, this discussion board is open for the whole class to refle

Starting in Lesson 1, this discussion board is open for the whole class to reflect together on the course materials in this course. Diversity management and issues associated with diversity and inclusion can be challenging issues with which to engage in discussion. Students are expected to be thoughtful and professional in their discussions. I will be reading these posts throughout the semester and making comments. Posts will be graded on quality, thoughtfulness, and engagement throughout the semester—if a student posts all the required posts toward the end of the semester, this will negatively impact your grade. During the lessons, I may offer you suggestions on things to think about and reflect on in this discussion board–those are suggestions. You as the class are driving the topics covered on this board.What is a quality post?1. Relevant–post relates to the course materials, explores the public and/or nonprofit sector in relation to the course materials.2. Thoughtful–student engaged in reflection, thinking about the course materials mean for them and their understanding of theory, practice, and/or the theory/practice relationship.3. Well-written–take the time to draft grammatically correct, appropriately punctuated posts.4. Substantive–should be approximately 300-500 words for an initial post.5. Supported–includes citations and links to the course materials and readings where appropriate.6. Contributes to the learning community–considers the needs of your classmates, presents creative approaches to the course materials and the topics under discussion, motivates the group to participate and respond. Think about posting questions and other ways to keep the dialogue flowing.