Task: 1. Pick any Fortune 500 company. Research about its operations. In 200-300

1. Pick any Fortune 500 company. Research about its operations. In 200-300 words, explain how
supply chain management is utilized for its operational efficiency and effectiveness. Explain how
supply chain management is affecting its financial performance. [20 points] 2. Select a business sector (e.g. restaurant, automobile manufacturing, aviation, etc.). Identify the
supply chain challenges of that business sector before COVID-19 pandemic. Discuss the
differences in supply chain challenges in pre and post pandemic in a 200-300-word essay. [20
points] 3. What are the essential factors for economic growth and increased development of global trade
flows? Why are they so important in today’s global economy? How did the imposed tariffs on
imports (trade war) during Trump era affect global supply chains? How did the COVID-19
pandemic affect global supply chains? Discuss in 100-200 words. Share this answer in the topic 1
discussion board. Reply to at least two other students’ answers. [20 points] 4. COVID-19 vaccine distribution is a challenging task. What are the logistical challenges of
distribution of vaccines? In 200-300 words, discuss how demographics such as population
density, population size, average age, etc. affects the logistics of vaccine distribution. [20 points]
5. The US has free trade agreements with 20 countries. Pick one trade agreement. Make a short
video presentation (1-2 minutes) on “Why the trade agreement with is
so important to the US/global economy” topic. Upload your video to GaView. Also, post the
transcript of your video in the Assignment 1 response. [20 points]
Requirements: .doc file