The About Canada Series is a collection of books that provides an overview of a

The About Canada Series is a collection of books that provides an overview of a specific topic related to social policy in Canada. You will be asked to select one of the 13 books and provide an overview of the policy topic highlighted in the book (The book that the paper will be on is attached as a PDF – About Canada Health and Illness 2nd Edition). The 4-5 page typed double spaced APA formatted review will include and be assessed based upon the following criteria:
A general overview and summary of the key themes discussed in the selected book. Specifically highlighting the history of the social issue and what has influenced the framing of the policy related to this issue. (10 marks)
 Your review will include a discussion about how the policy issue is currently situated within Canada and what future developments are envisioned in the coming years. Social policy is constantly
evolving; as you may notice, some of these books have been published within the past few years or in some cases several years. Therefore, it will be necessary to provide an overview of what information you would suggest is missing from the current version of the book and what suggestions you would make for an updated version of the selected book. (10 marks)
 Your review will provide a discussion of how the policy topic you have chosen is situated on the micro (British Columbia), mezzo (Canada), and macro (internationally) levels. Hence, comparing and contrasting some of the differences and similarities of how the social policy issue is addressed provincially, nationally, and how other countries have approached this policy issue. (10 marks)
 College level writing skills: use of proper APA formatting and referencing, grammar, sentence/paragraph structure, spelling, clear introduction, body, and conclusion. (10 marks)
**This paper must be Canadian Based as per instructions**
**The book used for this paper is attached as a PDF**