**THIS IS FOR A MORTUARY ARCHAEOLOGY CLASS** **SCHOLARLY PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SOURCES ONLY** **TOPIC IS SET AND LISTED IN THE DETAILS** **DEADLINE IS STRICT** Topic: For the research paper, I will look at archaeological artifacts, i.e., grave goods, in Egyptian burial tombs and preservation of the body which suggest that death is an extension of life. Annotated bibliographies are essentially a works cited where each source is followed by a brief two to three sentence statement clearly showing why this source will contribute to your research paper. The sources you use should be no more than 10 years old. Your annotated bibliography should follow a simple, but standard format. First, include the topic you have settled on. Make sure to include your entire topic statement with any edits that you have made since turning it in earlier in the semester. Next, begin with your sources and provide a short paragraph justifying why that source contributes to your paper. Your justification should be placed immediately after each source. You must include at least 10 scholarly sources. Scholarly sources are those which have undergone editorial or (better yet) peer-review and have been drafted in professional journals and/or books. Newspapers, magazines, and websites are NOT scholarly sources. To locate appropriate sources, I recommend visiting Google Scholar ( and typing a variety of different search terms in the search bar. Try all different combinations to find different results. Any result with a link to the right of it is accessible as is, otherwise you will need to use UNG’s interlibrary loan service to locate sources (available through the UNG Libraries website). Please note that not every result that Google Scholar finds is actually scholarly; use discretion and contact me with any questions about sources. The UNG library also has some search engines that you could consult with, but I recommend starting with Google Scholar first. Your annotated bibliography should be typed in double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font. Please use the SAA style guide for citation formats.