THIS TOPIC: DV: Dangerous sport (Measured by the amount of Concussions/Brain dam

THIS TOPIC: DV: Dangerous sport (Measured by the amount of Concussions/Brain damage) IV#1: Sports (Football, MMA) IV#2: Young adult hood to early adulthood.
This week, try to find at least 5 articles that address each major subtopic of your outline.
For example, let’s revisit the ridiculous topic I shared a couple of weeks ago. Remember that my subtopics were:
Personality theories – Big 5; cat owners’ personalities; dog owners’ personalities; reclusiveness as a personality trait; reclusiveness and cat owners specifically
Key words to search: personality theory; dog owner AND personality; cat owner AND personality; reclusiv* or reclusivity or reclusiveness; reclusiv* AND cat owner; introversion AND cat owner
I would follow my outline and find 5 articles for each of my subtopics, read them, and summarize them in my notes (or annotated bibliography).
After you’ve found 5 articles for each subtopic, read the articles and look for themes, patterns, and similar conclusions. This will be the foundation of your literature review.
Things to submit for this assignment:
One paragraph synthesizing the research you found on ONE subtopic (please remember that synthesizing doesn’t mean summarizing each article – it means to draw a conclusion from multiple sources)
Although you only have to submit one paragraph, I STRONGLY encourage you to summarize, synthesize, and analyze the research for a couple of topics – because next week, you’re going to submit a rough draft of your entire literature review.
Resources for Writing a Literature Review
Creating a Research Question/Problem Statement/Hypothesis
Creating a research question:
Developing a hypothesis:
Develop a hypothesis:
Problem Formulation:
How to write a problem statement:
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