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Topic- ANIMAL TESTING FOR BEAUTY PRODUCTS6-7 slides and must also do the outline attached here separatelyLess Writing more pictureWrite in Speaker Notes more what i have to say while presentingPersuasive Action Presentation: Students prepare a persuasive presentation in problem-solution format, employing all the steps of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence: attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, and action. This presentation will persuade the audience to take a certain action regarding an ethical issue in contemporary United States society. Students will persuade the audience to take action on a need relevant to the role belief systems play in U.S. life while exploring ethical concepts. This presentation will draw attention to the need, describe the need, discuss how the need can be satisfied by some action, describe the future if no action is taken, and ask the student audience to take the action.I recommend that you use the same ethical issue as your persuasive value presentation. For that presentation, you defended a practice as morally right or wrong. Now, you will persuade the audience to take a concrete action in relation to the issue.Focus on an action that students in the class could take in regard to your chosen topic. Do not choose an action like “abolish the death penalty” since no student in the class has the power to do that on their own. Instead, your chosen action could be something like “vote for candidates that support X,” “attend a protest in opposition to X,” “donate money to groups that do X,” “stop buying X and buy Y instead,” or something like that.Draw support for your argument by applying the ethical framework of Pope Francis, Marti Kheel, Exodus 20, Qu’ran 6 &17, Benjamin Franklin, or Susan Wolf (choose one) and discussing evidence from 2 reputable outside sources. In this way, your presentation will illustrate the role belief systems play in U.S. life. You can use some of the same research sources as your persuasive value presentation, but be sure to adapt all citations to the action focus of this presentation and include at least 1 new source for this assignment.Persuasive Action Presentation Instructions You will submit three presentation components: (1) a formal outline, (2) a speaking outline.Compose a properly formatted and grammatically correct Persuasive Action Formal Outline, citing 1 reading from the Book and 2 additional academic sources to support main ideas. Choose outside sources that are recent (past 20 years, or more recent if possible) and by recognized experts on the topic. Cite your sources in writing on your outlines and slideshow and orally in your recorded videos using APA format and following the detailed instructions in the Skills post on Citing Sources in a Presentation. The formal outline will include all five elements of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence with appropriate evidence for each element. In addition, the student should demonstrate mastery of extemporaneous speaking skills in all aspects of delivery. Note that the formal outline template for this assignment is customized to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and different than the earlier template used in the course.Be mindful of time and do not go over or under the required length for your slideshow.


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