Unit 2 –Synthesized Chloroplasts Discussion

Unit 2 –Synthesized Chloroplasts Discussion
This is an article about biotechnology and new research. Please read the article and discuss, in a minimum 500 words, what practical applications were used from the unit in this line of study. Make note of its importance to current scientific research and mention some social backlash that you have heard of or seen in social media presently that could be refuted by the data in this article. This is an opinion piece, but your opinion should also be backed up by evidence from your course, and any other supplemental reading you have done on the topic.
Success criteria
– 500 words or more.
– Reference to the included article.
– Reference to topics from the course materials and own extra reading.
– Connection to modern social media trends and the news.
– Reflection in the conclusion on how recent scientific practices are important to current day events.