Welcome to the Class Talk discussion forum. Within this discussion board you wil

Welcome to the Class Talk discussion forum. Within this discussion board you will do two things. First, one or more topics will be presented for discussion. These topics will generally consist of an article from the outside world that pertains to the topics discussed in class that week. Read the topic article, research any related and relevant material pertaining to the topic, and make a minimum of 3 substantial and well researched posts to each topic. Your first post MUST take place by Wednesday for you to receive full credit. The purpose of the forum is to have a discussion back and forth between you, me and other class mates. That can’t happen if you make all your posts the same day or late in the week.
To get minimum credit in our collaborative discussion, a minimum of three well researched posts on at least three separate days of the week is required for each topic. To make this collaborative, an initial post early in the week is necessary and then followed with at least two subsequent posts that could include any rebuttal comments on the position that other students have taken. Any minimum effort in discussion will achieve a minimum reward.
The Instructor’s Discussion Rubric
Thoroughness (25/25) – Posts are substantial. Details support generalizations.
Conceptual accuracy/application (25/25) – Student applies concepts from the textbook and other legitimate sources. Terminology is used precisely and accurately. Behavioral examples and Ethical complexities are included.
Critical/creative thinking (25/25) – Student demonstrates higher level thinking skills—e.g., he or she applies, analyzes, evaluates, and/or synthesizes. He or she offers original insight/innovative ideas.
Quality of writing (25/25) – Student writes at the collegiate level. Error-free writing is clearly organized. Appropriate APA references and citations are included.
Discussion topic:
Discuss how Management Information Systems has had an impact on Globalization or discuss how Globalization has lead to changes in MIS. You may even want to use articles and links like:
Globalization Impact vs Technology Impact
These articles and others that you may research should help us discuss the impacts of Globalization on management and economy. Or, is it the impact of the Technology advancements we are making?