What is the relationship between biological sex and gender? After examining the

What is the relationship between biological sex and gender? After examining the literature on the subject, write a persuasive essay to explain the connection. Arguments for this relationship seem to run along a continuum from “biology is destiny” at one end, and the assertion that gender is a social construction with no relevance to biology whatsoever. Construct a 10 source, 3 Paragraph Annotated Bibliography following the guidelines discussed in class and resource materials found below This bibliography will serve as a research tool for your final essay. Two of your sources need not be scholarly; however, the remaining 8 must be scholarly works (books written by scholars or articles published in peer-reviewed journals).
Each annotation with contain 3 paragraphs, regardless of whether you choose APA, MLA or Chicago Style.
Do not assume that if using APA you need one paragraph and so on, following the examples exactly. Each annotation will contain all 3 paragaphs: A summary, an evaluation, and an explanation of how the source will be used in your project.
You may choose from any of the citation formats. In order to choose one, you will have to make an appropriate judgement about your subject material. For example, if your paper involves historical research, you might choose to document sources according to the Chicago Style; on the other hand, if your final paper will be incorporating ethnographic or experimental data, you might choose to format according to APA. The formatting you choose here will be the same as for your final essay.
Keep in mind: Each annotation is 3 paragraphs long–this is a total of 30 paragraphs of writing.