You have chosen a U.S.-based company (Samsung, I provided why I chose the compan

You have chosen a U.S.-based company (Samsung, I provided why I chose the company and what I planned to demonstrate in this paper but you may choose to alter to best fit the paper) to analyze and turned in an outline. Now it is time to write a well-crafted 8- to 10-page marketing strategy for your chosen company’s introduction of a new product into the U.S. utilizing concepts from the course as the foundation for your strategy.
Your marketing strategy must include the following elements:
An introduction that provides basic data and information about the company (include information about the founder, type of business or industry, product lines, market share, and size).
An explanation of the company’s mission, goals, and corporate strategy.
A rationale for your new product supported by industry information.
An overview of your marketing strategy and justification for your reasoning.
An explanation of how you intend to align the 4P’s, 5C’s, and STP to your marketing strategy.
Short- and long-term measures that will help determine the success of the strategy.
Your marketing strategy should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the concepts presented in the course and your ability to analyze and develop an organization’s marketing strategy. It should reflect scholarly writing and cite a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources. Document formatting and source citations should be in conformity with the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
**Follow APA 7**