You will observe teachers discussing reading through these three videos. This as

You will observe teachers discussing reading through these three videos. This assignment is worth 9 Field observation hours. (Links to an external site.)
Watch video one Creating a Literature community and  answer the following:
After viewing the classroom excerpts, consider these questions:
• Which routines and tasks in these classroom excerpts allowed children to engage in purposeful reading and
• How did the routines maximize students’ time to read and write?
• How did the classroom environment support the effective use of the routines?
• What might you take back to your classroom after watching these excerpts?
• What can you learn about students’ literacy development by observing their participation in classroom
Optional Viewing (approximate times: 41:45–47:05): Find this segment
Video three: Word study and fluency
After watching this video answer the following questions.
After viewing the kindergarten classes, consider these questions:
• How did the kindergarten teachers, Sheila Owens and John Sinnett, incorporate elements of emergent
literacy in their lessons? Which elements were the primary focus of the lessons?
• What part did oral language play in both classrooms?
• How did each teacher use the word wall to support word study?
• What were examples of planned, explicit instruction in these excerpts? What were examples of opportunistic
• Both kindergarten teachers used whole-class instruction for their word study lessons. How did it meet the
needs of all students?
Video eight: Connecting School and home
After watching the video segment, consider these questions:
• How did the workshop participants’ perceptions of parent responsibilities compare with your own? What
would you add to their list?
• Workshop participants emphasized the importance of communication to support home-school partnerships.
How do you communicate with your students’ parents or caregivers? What information do you share about
school practices?
After reviewing the video, you will provide a 3-5 page summary of your thought of these videos and their efforts to support reading.